detecting and removing poor quality medicines that harm the most vulnerable patients and damage public health


Paper Analytical Device (PAD) project innovators and developers at the University of Notre Dame, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. PADs are test cards that can quickly determine whether a drug tablet contains the correct medicines.

mPedigree networks - that has developed mobile and web technologies in an attempt to provide security against faking, counterfeiting and diversion of medicines, agro-chemicals, cosmetics, medical devices, and similar consumables within the supply chain. Through SMS technology, consumers in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Zambia, Tanzania and Sierra Leone can determine whether products purchased are authentic or counterfeit.

The Kuffour foundation  - (an independent foundation set-up by the ex-president of Ghana, his excellency Dr. Kuffour), which has an ongoing commitment to health and policy initiatives in Ghana and Africa at large.